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Sheesham wood – What is Special about it?

Indian Rose wood or Sheesham wood, as it is widely known in Indian markets, is a hard wood which is one of the best choices for making bedroom/dining/wardrobe furniture and doors. Its double colour tone of light and dark yellow/brown and its natural grain patterns which vary from piece to piece makes it unique and beautiful.

The texture of Sheesham wood sets it apart from the normally engineered wood furniture. Also, working with sheesham is comparatively easier as it has less chance of warping or splitting. This naturally sturdy, hard and durable wood if treated and seasoned in the right way would easily last longer than average human life.

Seasoning and Treatment

Our maiden and most important task after procurement of the sheesham wood which is dried upto the optimum level, is to treat and season them to avoid infestation. By seasoning, we induce evaporation of the moisture content from the wood and remove the moisture making it completely dry. This reduces the chances of decay, improving the load bearing capacity and makes it light.

By doing this, our products exhibit excellent favourable properties like thermal and electric insulation and easy preservation. By undergoing a vigorous seasoning treatment, the dried wood is stabilized and freed from internal torsions.

How do we do the seasoning?

Seasoning is done by circulating heat from the heat chambers aided by the dynamically balanced fans directly mounted on the motors placed inside the heat chambers. The wood/block board frames subject to this treatment undergo a uniform and very fast drying process at the high temperature thus adding to the trouble-free, noise-free, pulley-free and easy to maintain kiln seasoning advantage.

“Termite Free” – A vital Seasoning Advantage

This side wall fan type treatment of drying wood under high temperature make the wood unpalatable for the termites contributing to the “termite free” and pest resistant wood.

Quality Maintenance

The quality of wood and all the associated aspects of its processing, the furniture manufacturing process including dimensions, finishing, design, colour, texture, accuracy, exactness and other minute details are put to vigorous tests. With all these quality checks in place, we ensure and assure that it is a 100% quality product that is delivered to the customer because we strongly believe that their satisfaction is our primary objective.

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