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Termite-Free Products

Our furniture are prepared from Sheesham solid wood, which goes through different process to make them termite and fungus free for lifetime.


  • Sheesham solid wood blocks are kept in air proof iron tank, where vaccum compressor is used to remove excess moisture from the wood, after which the wood is processed with chemically treated water to make it termite proof.
  • A 400 Kg pressure tank is then used to inject chemical in wood blocks at high pressure within half an hour.


Seasoned Products

The process of removal of moisture content from wood to make it useful for construction and other uses is called seasoning of wood. This reduces the chances of decay, improves load bearing propertiesreduces weight, and exhibits more favourable properties like glue adhesive capacity & easy preservative treatment etc

  • After woods pass through the chemical process, they are kept under grilled air ventilation in a chamber [12*18 ft room].
  • Steam at 60-70 degree is then released into the chamber to remove the excess moisture present in the wood.
  • Aluminium coils are used to further increase the temperature of the chamber. Then rolling fans are used to circulate the steam throughout the chamber. Wood blocks are stacked in a way that steam can easily pass through them.
  • After 8-10 days(24*7) the temperature of chamber is increased to 125-150 degree Celsius which reduces the moisture of wood from 100 percent to 6-10 percent which is suitable for furniture
  • Now the wood is removed from the chamber and taken into use for manufacturing purpose. 


For every process whether chemical processing, seasoning, manufacturing or polishing, work is assigned to our expert teams to ensure smooth and continuous day to day operations. Our designated supervisor ensures that every operation is carried out properly and timely without any compromise in the intermediate stage or in finished products.


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